FOCI – Focus Assist Wearable

We know all too well how hard it can be to focus when you are working from home especially when you have the fridge, your phone, and the remote control to contend with. The team at FOCI, may in fact have the answer with a clip-on wearable that promises to improve focus and cut short distractions, with a gentle vibration.

What started as a successful Kickstarter campaign, the creators – Tinylogics – channeled neuro-respiratory science to build FOCI. Built to take on the problem of growing digital distractions, it helps learners and brain workers to discover their optimum mind performance with cognitive biometrics through a personal AI mind coach within their proprietary app.

You see the problem is that most people get distracted every 3 minutes and neglect the fact that we often lose focus when we need it most. FOCI is a biometric wearable that targets the subconscious mind and helps the user tune into deep focus. Weighing just 10g, this simple and minimalistic device simply clips to your waist and helps capture your cognitive states through studying your breathing habits with machine learning. The captured data allows users to better understand peak times your brain works at peak capacity.

Through the built-in A.I coach, the acquired data can be used to educate you on how to best optimize your mental performance. One thing we like about the A.I integration is that through the app and some beautifully colored orbs, it provides mental strategies on how to better retain focus on the task at hand and bring you back on track. This in turn allows you to be more productive and process information better.

So, does it work? I think the best way to quantify this product is that if you love to see data on how your body and mind work and can utilize this to motivate you to work better, that is the real benefit of a product like this. By simply alerting you to distraction it inadvertently fact checks your brain and guilts it into focusing and if that does not work some fun cognitive games through the A.I powered app may in fact do it. The question is, do you need a little motivation to return to your mundane work? If you answered yes, then this product may be for you.

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