Altidude Headwear

As the weather gradually springs out of Winter temperatures, the cool mornings and evenings will stick around a little longer which usually means it is not quite time yet to put that beanie away just yet. For the past 3 months, whenever the weather got frightful, we turned to our new favorite headwear from Altidude, the Sensei and Hermit beanies.

Designed and made in Europe, Altidude set out to create a series of products that were unlike anything else on the market today with a focus on using nature’s wonder fiber – 100% genuine Merino wool in their headwear. What makes Merino so special is that it pretty much checks off all the boxes when it comes to longevity including being water colorfast, fast-drying, and even flame-resistant! Best of all it is sustainable and renewable which means it is better for the environment!

The Sensei is one of their best-selling beanies and for good reason, this quick-drying flat knit, and very warm piece of headwear features a lambs wool/polyamide shell that is resistant to the elements and a merino wool liner meaning your head is basically impermeable to the cold and stays dry no matter the conditions. With a plethora of colors to choose from, you can get one for every day of the week and keep the cold out! This one we found to be perfect for those early morning outdoor jogs, it keeps your noggin nice and cozy!

The Hermit is our personal favorite and keeps the lambs wool shell and Merino inner construction but has a more rough-ribbed outer knit that has a more appealing classic beanie look we think that most consumers will prefer. It is still supremely warm and has an amazing selection of colors but this we feel is more of a Winter staple that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. They look great! Pair this with one of Altidude Ember oversized scarfs and you will be cold no more!

To sum up, the best way to describe the headwear that Altidude offers is that they bring style and substance to their products. Not only do they look great but the Merino wool within fulfills your need to stay warm and once you try one of their beanies or toques for my Canadian friends, you will never look back!

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