Clear Shower XL

There is nothing better than a hot shower at the end of a long day, however, most of us must put up with small, weak anemic dribbles of water instead of true luxury that only comes from rainfall showers. Not anymore! The Clear Shower XL is the upgrade your bathroom needs and promises a world-class shower at an affordable price.

With 5 times the amount of showerhead surface area, 276 holes for water dispersal, and a brilliant clear or mirrored finish, the Clear Shower XL is made from sturdy acrylic glass with a solid brass joint fitting that looks stunning. Its 18 by 9-inch size is unconventional but delivers a rainfall-like shower experience that does not need a plumber to install or any additional tools for assembly. It completely changes your daily hygiene experience.

Fitting all standard showers in North America, the showerhead can be installed in less than 5 minutes and simply involves unmounting your existing showerhead, mounting the female end of the ball joint to the Clear Shower XL, and then attaching the male end to the shower faucet and tightening in place.  I am no handyman by any means and even I found this super easy to accomplish which believe me says a lot!

So how well does it work? Put simply, you must try the product to really experience what you are missing out on. The Clear Shower XL delivers above-average water pressure combined with greater water volume that simply cascades over your body and is quite luxurious. The design is a conversation starter and over the past month has stood up well to daily use with no noticeable build-up or watermarking on the surface of the glass. One last thing to note that we love that it can be mounted vertically or horizontally meaning small or big space, any consumer can make this work for them.

The folks at Clear Shower XL have done something we appreciate here at One Cut, they have built “the better mousetrap” meaning, they have taken an existing product and found a way to simply make it better through innovation and ingenuity, and for that reason, it is an upgrade we could all use for our bathrooms.

BUY yours at NEW PREMIUM Large Shower Head by Clear Shower XL – Clear Model, FIRM PRESSURE Square 18 inch (45cm) Adjustable Shower Head, LUXURY Waterfall Full Body Coverage, Easy to Install


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