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What is Summer without a good pair of shades? It not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays but also adds that much-needed ‘it’ factor to a free-flowing ensemble as you stroll down Ocean Avenue. The team at SmartBuy Glasses wants to make the experience of buying your next pair even easier with a personalized shopping experience like no other.

Sure, there are thousands of online stores selling brand-name glasses but not many do them as well as SmartBuy. They believe that when you shop with them, the customer experience should be fun, fast, and easy. It’s that simple. A cornerstone of their website and correspondingly the shopping experience is that people should express their individuality by experimenting with their looks. As such, their goal is to deliver a surplus of choices of only the best designer brands so you can find the pair best suited to your individual needs. Through their unique partnerships with brands like Oakley, Gucci, Ray-Ban, and more that they can offer such variety at competitive prices.

Selling not only sunglasses but also the very best eyeglasses and even contact lenses, navigating the website is incredibly easy and intuitive, potential consumers can narrow their search by shape, frame, lens type, or brand and they are met with the latest and greatest offerings from leading brands that are best suited to their needs. We are particularly fond of the Virtual Try-on feature which uses your device’s camera to overlay the frames on your face live to see how they look; it has been done by other online retailers as of late and works just as well here. In our experience of shopping for a pair of brand-new Ray-Ban’s (Justin is our jam in case you were wondering) the process could not have been any easier or more convenient. The whole process from search to buy took less than 10 minutes and we have been very happy with them.

The final reason to check out SmartBuy Glasses is their commitment to promoting social change, here at One Cut we love companies that give back and through SmartBuy’s partnerships with organizations such as Unite for Sight, Eden Projects, and Orbis International it has enabled them to provide some of the world’s poorest communities with access to necessary vision care and prescription eyewear, to date,   they have donated over $1,000,000 retail value worth of eyewear to visually-impaired individuals in some of the less privileged corners of the globe.

To sum up, with free shipping, 100-day returns, and only the best prices on brand name glasses, what are you waiting for? Check out SmartBuy Glasses today!

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