Meridio Italian Made Apple Watch Bands

It is rare when a company merges innovation, creativity, and style into a tech accessory brand but that is exactly what the folks at Meridio have done. You see, when it comes to their Apple Watch bands, they believe that quality materials must meet a modern design and quality manufacturing and it doesn’t get any better than being handcrafted in the home of style and luxury – Italia.

We have reviewed A LOT of Apple watch bands, but Meridio caught our eye because they not only offer consumers high-quality bands but also in a variety of colors, styles, and materials each more unique than the last. Crafted in the ancient tannery in the region of Marche, Italy their straps fall into 3 categories – Eco friendly: a unique collaboration with organization #tide made from recycled plastic from ocean materials; Italian leather: made from full-grain leather carefully selected and treated by master artisans to guarantee an excellent and resistant final product. Lastly, Sport: made from recycled ocean plastic that is also waterproof and weather resistant. We recently were allowed to check out 3 of their options – the Smoked Walnut (brown) —Calf Leather; Strudel (grey/brown)—> Recycled Apple(fruit) skin and Recycled Blue — Recycled Cotton band 100% Made in Italy.

Their Smoked Walnut genuine leather band is about as premium as it gets, and it looks and feels great. Made from soothing light brown super soft calf leather with premium hardware in the colors of the current generation of Apple Watch it simply exudes luxury and feels great on the wrist. Not only is it lightweight but feels so well made it would outlive the life of the watch 10 times over. The Recycled Apple fruit skin band was another surprise. With a commitment to using eco-friendly Vegan materials, Meridio has created a watchband made from recycled apple skin that feels surprisingly like real leather. This eco-friendly solution aims to lower the environmental repercussions and substitute other raw materials of chemical origin through saving energy and lowering emissions in the entire production chain. Not only is it soft to the touch and feels nice against the skin on my wrist, but it also has a firm and reaffirming texture and rigidity which we appreciate.

Lastly, is their Recycled Blue band made from ocean plastic. Marine debris accumulates in five ocean garbage patches known as well as gyres so along with ocean protectors #Tide they have taken some of this material waste from the Andaman Ocean region and repurposed it into a watch band. This woven band feels more like your everyday Apple watch band, it is super lightweight and relaxed on the wrist and comes in a variety of vibrant colors of the sea. Best of all, you are helping support an organization determined to remove plastic from our oceans.

To sum up, Meridio has impressed us with their quality bands and promise to reduce their environmental impact and at an affordable price. It is our new favorite band maker, and they should be yours too!

Get yours at –

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