SteelSeries Gaming Accessories

Anyone who games knows that if you want to push the boundaries of awesome, you need the right tools and when it comes to gaming accessories, not many do it better than SteelSeries. Selling everything a gamer needs to thrive including keyboard, mice, headsets, controllers, and more for the most popular gaming systems, SteelSeries has the technology and the devices that can take you to the next level.

For twenty years, SteelSeries has been innovating cutting-edge technology specifically to improve gaming performance, regarded by many as the original esports brand, they have been a driving force of esports and professional gaming. From sponsoring the first pro players to creating products specifically for pro teams to turning exceptional gamers into global superstars, SteelSeries has been focused on growing the industry and helping gamers everywhere. What started as the first glass mousepad back in 2001 has spawned a series of products to push professional gaming further than anyone dreamed. We were fortunate enough to review their Arctis Prime Gaming Headset and Prime Wireless Mouse.

The Arctis Prime Gaming Headset was co-developed with championship-winning esports pros and is the rally car of headsets. It features all-new noise-isolating leatherette ear cushions that crush the background noise while high fidelity Neodymium audio drivers deliver crystal clear audio up to 40,000 Hz, more than twice the range of typical headsets. Designed with a reassuring and lightweight durable metal construction, it also features a Bidirectional Noise-Canceling Discord-certified mic, detachable 3.5mm cable, and on-headset volume and mute controls and is compatible with all gaming platforms including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. We have been very impressed not only with the build quality of the Arctis Prime but also how clear both audio and microphone pickup have been. They are also very light and comfortable, and the ear cushions nicely conform to most ear shapes for a truly immersive experience thanks to some powerful noise canceling.

The Prime Wireless Mouse was also a welcome surprise. The Prime Wireless mouse takes all the features of the previous Prime mouse but in wireless form. It features exceptional battery life with over 100 hours of gameplay plus fast charging. It is also incredibly light weighing in at only 80g but the star of the show is the TrueMove Air sensor technology embedded within that provides pro performance with true 1-to-1 tracking, and onboard customization makes selecting settings easy. We especially love the matte design of the Prime Wireless; it helps to hide those Funyun fingerprint stains well and of course, improves grip. The folks at SteelSeries have also utilized Prestige OM™ mechanical switches built around a steel torsion spring and magnet for extra precision and amazingly satisfying crispy clicks. Also, the use of a powerful optical infrared sensor made this feel as close to a wired mouse without the lag and zero packet loss which gamers will appreciate.

To sum up, the combination of professional-grade quality and durability with SteelSeries’ unyielding pursuit of simple, modern design their innovative products make gaming more fun and competitive than ever before. So, for the love of the game, what are you waiting for? Check them out today!


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