LELO F1S V2 Pleasure Console

Often, it is simply easier to buy your own Christmas gift. To treat yourself to a little something that will bring extended pleasure instead of just that initial excitement. The LELO F1S V2 is not your ordinary gift though, it promises to create a whole new sensation, one that could help you climax on a whole other level.

Lelo F1S V2 from JOUJOU on Vimeo.

Swedish brand LELO, have one goal in mind and that is to reshape people’s attitudes towards intimate lifestyle or personal pleasure devices. They want to start a global conversation and empower young people to seek pleasure and excitement in their lives by experimenting with self-love and discovering what turns you on and this could not be truer than with their second-generation pleasure console the F1S V2.

This next-generation male massager as it is so often referred to uses their patented SenSonic motion to massage the penis with deep sonic waves for an entirely new intimate experience. To use the device, you simply insert your penis into the soft flexible sleeve and one of 4 specifically designed patterns will send powerful sonic waves deep into your pleasure spot, resonating from all directions all at once, instead of simply tickling the nerve endings on the surface of your skin resulting in what they call a more satisfying and intense climax.

The proprietary app, which reminds us of a lot of retro video games, also allows users to customize patterns to best suit their needs allowing you to set the vibration intensity to your liking. It is also very easy to clean for those that were wondering and is largely waterproof but be safe around the charging port. Our only real gripe with the device, which seems to resound with other users is the size. Unfortunately, this is not a one size fits all scenario as LELO imagines and many users complained of it being too small to fully insert their phallus into, an issue I also experienced. One thing we do like though is that the device is not app dependant, meaning, the customizability is there if you need it but simply not required.

I will spare you the details of our experience but, if you are new to this self-love movement, this is a great place to start, and it works as advertised. So, to sum up, instead of buying yourself new underwear and socks this year, perhaps it is time to give yourself a little bit of you time with the LELO F1S V2?

Get yours at  https://www.lelo.com/f1s-v2

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