The Best Value Surround Sound System for your Home

There is no better viewing experience than a big screen paired with BIG sound and while there are many soundbar and speaker systems available on the market today, not all of them are created equal and tend to vary greatly in terms of output and sound quality. However, there is one, that we can wholeheartedly recommend as striking the perfect balance in the cost to performance ratio and it comes from industry pioneer Philips. The 8000 series soundbar and wireless subwoofer combined with their Wireless Home Speakers will have you fully immersed in your favorite movies and tv shows in seconds!

Philips as a technology company and their brand licensees believe in innovating for people with one consistent belief: there’s always a way to make life better and since receiving the 8000 series soundbar, everything we have watched has got dramatically better. Crafted in a stunning trapezoid design with a chic glass-top touch panel and a metal grill complete with a compact form factor and wireless subwoofer, it has the premium looks paired with some powerful thumping bass delivering a massive 360-watt output. This is made possible through the combination of 1 full-range driver and 1 tweeter in the center speaker of the soundbar paired with 2 full-range drivers and 2 tweeters in the left and right front speakers. This setup lends itself to a sound frequency range of 160 – 20kHz and impedance of 8-ohms.

However, the fun does not stop there, this soundbar is also compatible with HDMI eARC, a high-speed connection that lets you experience the full force of advanced audio formats like Dolby Atmos which this unit is also compatible. It also has dual HDMI inputs, and because the soundbar has up-firing speakers when paired with some quality rear wireless speakers, you can truly embrace the Dolby Atmos life and be blown away every time you watch or listen to something.

Speaking of listening, because the 8000 series soundbar is Play-Fi certified, consumers can sync Play-Fi-compatible speakers for multi-room audio, or even create a true surround-sound system—all via the Philips Sound app, or the Play-Fi app. Better yet, you can also stream hi-res playlists from your mobile device via Apple AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth and you can use your favorite virtual assistants like Alexa or the Google assistant to stream directly to the soundbar itself and enjoy a premium listening experience.

When you do want to level up your Entertainment, we also recommend you check out their Wireless Home Speaker which boats an additional 40-watt output each but most importantly is DTS Play-Fi certified, meaning it has never been easier to create a full effect surround sound when paired with the 8000 series soundbar.

In each speaker, you will find a woofer, two passive radiators, and a tweeter that combine to give you rich sound with powerful bass and crisp treble. With added Wi-Fi streaming capability, it gives you the highest-quality signal and ensures the audio syncs perfectly between speakers, or rooms. The unique Ambilight system also allows you to set the mood with some unique ambient lighting which we think is a nice touch.

To wrap up, the combination of the 8000 Series Soundbar and Philips own Wireless Home Speaker could very well be the ultimate setup for a home theatre system. The setup was flawless, sound quality and output are excellent, and it is affordable coming in around the $1000 mark. So, if you are serious about your home entertainment, look at this system from Philips today available from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

BUY yours here – Philips B8905 Soundbar 3.1.2 with Wireless Subwoofer, Dolby Atmos, Compatible with DTS Play-Fi, Connects with Amazon Echo Devices and Voice Assistants, AirPlay 2 and BT Support, TAB8905

BUY yours here – Philips W6205 Wireless Home Speaker, Bluetooth + DTS Play-Fi Compatible for Surround Sound/Stereo Pairing. Connects to Spotify, AirPlay2, Chromecast, and Echo Speakers. LED Mood Lighting, TAW6205


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