Burga Phone Cases

If you are not one of those crazy people who rock their phone without a case, then chances are you do everything you can to protect your costly investments in technology and there is no better way to protect your smartphone than with a case. So, if you are looking for a case that screams personality, then you need to check out Burga.

When style is the name of the game, Burga, have you covered. Using a little bit of magic and extreme imagination – they create lifestyle & fashion accessories you’ll be psyched to wear. We were recently given the opportunity to check out some of their Pixel 6/6 Pro cases, and one thing is abundantly clear: phone cases have never looked so ‘chique’ with jaw-dropping aesthetics.

One thing we will say about all their phone cases is that they are big, bold, and not short of color and we love them. Phone cases don’t have to be black, blue, or white anymore. Created by Burga’s internal team of graphic designers that are highly passionate about the latest trends in fashion and style. Their cases are manufactured in and shipped out of Europe and are made from dual-layer, shock-absorbing TPU inside and outside is a hard plastic (polycarbonate) shell.

We simply love the glossy scratch-resistant hard shell that is surprisingly grippy to the touch and the multitude of 100+ design choices they have on offer. Their cases are ultra-thin, not bulky at all but still feel like they can take a knock or two. We have come to appreciate the inner microfibre lining for the added phone protection and the welcome raised bezels around the screen and camera that protect the delicate glass against flat drops.

There is a lot about what Burga do, they create practical everyday things but do it with a stylish, edgy aesthetic that makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. With everything from phone cases, leather goods, and laptop covers you are guaranteed to find something that catches your eye and shows the world who you are.

Get yours today at https://www.burga.com/

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