Level UP your Home Set Up!

When you need to work or play, you need to have the right gear to power through the day and night. Whether it’s connectivity or accessories that you seek, we have compiled a list of our favorite products that promise to take your productivity and entertainment to the next level!

Linksys Atlas 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System

Not a lot can get done if you don’t have proper connectivity in your home. For those seeking an intelligent mesh Wi-Fi system from one of the leading experts in keeping you online, the Atlas 6 from Linksys has got you covered.

This brilliantly simple and future-proof Wi-Fi 6-enabled system could not be any easier to set up using the very intuitive Linksys app and delivers Dual-Band (2.4GHz + 5 GHz with 160MHz) coverage for your entire home and is perfect for Video conferencing, 4k streaming and online gaming alike. With a 2-pack covering a massive 4500 Sq Ft, you will never not be connected to your network and the built-in Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) reduces interference and maximizes speed and stability.

The reassuring inclusion of Wi-Fi 6, allows for the sending and receiving of multiple streams of data simultaneously, providing up to four times more capacity to handle gaming and smart home devices. Also, as with all Linksys products, you get the reassurance of Automatic Software Updates, Parental Controls, and Separate Guest Access, to help keep your network safe, secure, and up to date.


SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro

From the company that is the worldwide leader in gaming and esports peripherals, the Arctis Nova Pro produces a new level of excellence for high-fidelity audio with active noise cancellation, AI-powered voice clarity, and all-day comfort with sleek Danish design aesthetics.

With the inclusion of brilliant 360° Spatial Audio technology, you will hear every critical step, reload, or enemy movement by taking control of every sonic element utilizing Sonar’s EQ, and achieve sound purity, unlike any other gaming headset through the all-new High Fidelity speaker drivers. You also get SteelSeries’ brilliant A.I. powered Noise Cancelling Microphones that give players crystal clear comms, while the Sonar Audio Suite silences all the background noise distractions from keyboards, computer fans, and much more. The cherry on top of this package of greatness is the inclusion of a new ESS Sabre Quad-DAC that simultaneously boosts in-game audio with a 78% purer signal, bringing ultra-low levels of noise and distortion.

In our books, this is also the most comfortable gaming headset we have ever used thanks in part to their ComfortMAX System which is designed to accommodate any size or shaped head, offering 4-points of adjustment. The system includes height-adjustable, rotating ear cups, a flexible tension band, pivoting hangers, and a premium PVD-coated steel band that ensures long-term durability.


TwelveSouth HighRise Pro

The problem with sitting long hours at your desk is the neck strain caused by poorly positioned monitors. The team at Twelvesouth has created a stylishly brilliant way to fix this with their HighRise Pro, the only stand worthy of supporting current iMacs, the new iMac Pro and other high-end 4K / 5K displays.

The double-sided gunmetal, walnut-finished leather build of the HighRise Pro is what immediately gets your attention, it is quite beautiful. It seamlessly elevates your display to multiple heights (up to almost 4 inches), giving you a better ergonomically designed setup for reduced neck and back strain.

The vented grill up front which acts as a magnetic hatch provides access to shelving to store cables and peripherals and ensures that there is enough airflow for connected hard drives. Lastly, if a tangled mess of cables on your desk drives you crazy, simply feed out the right amount of cable through the cable management slot on the back of the stand.


Klipsch ProMedia 2.0 Multimedia Compact Computer Speaker System

When it is time to get some room-filling sound and immerse yourself in entertainment, things don’t get much better than the ProMedia 2.0 Speakers from industry sound leader Klipsch.

With the ability to connect to the speakers wired or wirelessly over Bluetooth, the Promedia 2.0 is the perfect system for your home office, desktop computer workstation, or gaming console system. Custom-designed with ultra-low noise amplifiers combined with perfectly tuned components delivers immersive audiophile sound quality.

The ProMedia 2.0 system pumps out an impressive 70 watts of peak power matched with a .75″ soft dome tweeter and 3.5″ long-throw woofer to deliver some incredible bass for a desktop computer system. Front-mounted controls on one of the Satellites allow volume, bass & even source-switching control directly from the speaker itself. You can connect a laptop or desktop computer to this system as well as smartphones, tablets, or other devices through the headphone input or via Bluetooth wireless streaming.

With such a well-tuned sound profile that delivers crisp balanced audio, these and the other products listed above will quickly become your new favorite accessories to add to your current home setup.


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