Product of the Year 2022

In a year where iteration was a focus for a lot of companies coming off the back of a pandemic, we were very fortunate to review products aimed at improving the overall consumer experience. With everything from fashion, personal health, smart tech, and fitness, we covered 100+ new product releases in 2022 alone.  

While we value and appreciate every company that we collaborate with, there can be only one that meets the criteria to win our coveted Product of the Year accolade. It must demonstrate innovation, user-friendliness, creativity, and value for money and after much discussion amongst our team, the product that we felt met our pillars of success and we all agreed upon to be our Product of the Year for 2022 is the – Google Pixel 7 Series.

When we first reviewed the Pixel 7 line of phones from Google, we titled the review – “A True Metamorphosis” and this tagline could not be more accurate for a company that just 2 years ago was struggling to break ground in the smartphone space. Their devices were mostly met with feigned interest and never quite gained the traction they needed to make a splash in this very large pond. The release of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will be seen as a defining moment in the company’s history.

Offering a smart AI-based approach to the Android OS and bringing some groundbreaking features, a stellar camera experience, and fluidity to the Android space that has not been seen for some time, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro delivered some genuinely very smart features to a package that punches well above its weight in terms of quality and is even a large improvement over the well-received Pixel 6 series from last year.

Google provided the necessary finesse and polish to their software and their hardware. They created not only one of the most beautiful aesthetically pleasing devices, but the phone continues to be a pure joy to use daily. One only must read the many positive reviews to know that the company delivered on their promise of innovation and brought consumers a phone that can complement daily life, make it easier to communicate and continues to bring new and exciting features to make this one of the most intelligent consumer-friendly devices available to buy today.

To sum up, Google has cemented itself as a genuine competitor in the smartphone space again besting some of the big players like Apple and Samsung at their own game. They have introduced an entirely new generation to how an A.I.-centric device makes those things we do daily with our smartphones even easier than ever before. The Google Pixel 7 Series truly outshines nearly every other product we covered in 2022 and we could not think of a more deserving title than Product of the Year. We look forward to what is next from this perpetual underdog.

You can check out our full review of the Pixel 7 series here –



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