Jimmy Lion socks!

If you are like me, you have never bought socks anywhere else but Walmart. They are low on your priority of something you need to spend your money on. Admittedly, this all changed when I was given the opportunity to try some socks by Jimmy Lion.

Jimmy Lion was created by two life-long friends who set out to provide an alternative to expensive designer socks. They wanted to create socks that were not only premium quality but had great design and an awesome price.

When I first tried these socks on I was blown away by how comfortable they felt. Manufactured using the softest combed cotton these felt very luxurious. One thing that I appreciated was the inclusion of reinforced cuffs to prevent them from falling down and seamless hand-linked toes, commonly overlooked features by many sock brands – even the pricey ones!

The best part of Jimmy Lion socks is not the quality but the very funky designs they come in. Colorful loud socks seem to be the hot thing right now and these were no exception, you have a number of choice designs to pick from including toucans, fruit, flamingos, monkeys or just some clean stripes to name a few. All of which can be purchased individually or in a convenient four pack.

Needless to say, I have been converted. No longer will I be purchasing socks in a pack of 16 only having to replace them because of shotty workmanship, loose cuffs or wear before their time. Jimmy Lion has shown me that loud but comfortable socks is a luxury even I can afford.

Check them out at www.jimmylion.com


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