If you have ever seen that pretty terrible Bradley Cooper movie ‘Limitless’ then you would know that the basic premise of the film is about a guy who takes a pill that essentially supercharges his brain and makes anything possible. While this was b-grade science-fiction at its best, there is actually a way to improve your cognitive ability with supplements from a company called – Trubrain.

Trubrain, creates brain food designed to give you the mental clarity to focus on what matters, not just the to-do list. Their products are powered by neuropeptides (amino acids) that naturally improve cognitive performance.

The science behind it is also pretty solid, UCLA trained neuroscientists tested neurotech brainwave data and identified the right ingredients needed to improve focus, mental endurance, and verbal fluency.

So how does it work? The drink option is simply a small satchel of liquid mixed with water that is flavored with all natural blue agave and monk fruit and includes active nootropics and nutrients designed to improve things like concentration, alertness, memory and reduce stress. The more convenient capsules also include the same natural ingredients with a boost option to promote deep focus. If you are really keen, they also have another choice to add to your morning cup of java with ingredients to promote mental endurance for the busy day ahead.

After testing both the liquid and pill options for sometime, I will admittedly say I am on the fence with this one. After a few days, I did feel more alert and focused, I worried less about finding Pokémon and cared more about my actual job. I also found myself being less distracted and less exhausted after a busy day at the office. Was this the work of Trubrain? I am not sure. However, I felt as though I was accomplishing a lot more and was more engaged in the world (if that makes sense).

I will leave it you to decide.

Check them out at

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