Fuego Box

Do you like your world just a little spicier than everyone else’s? Do you want to try the best small batch hot sauces from over the world? Then Fuego Box is for you.

Fuego Box is a service that delivers the best hot sauce to your door. It was created by someone who “went down the hot sauce rabbit hole” and emerged on the other side with a passion to deliver to consumers the best hot sauces that you’ve probably never heard of.

Before you ask, why would anyone want to subject themselves to a hot sauce club? Understand, that Fuego Box is not a burn your ass once a month club, its about finding the perfect craft and small-batch hot sauces that do not focus on insane heat or gimmicks; but only a dynamic taste accompanied by the appropriate amount of heat.

After sampling a few months’ worth, I have to admit – I may be in love. I was never a fan of hot sauces but these were amazing. They perfectly accompanied the dishes they were suggested for in the accompanying literature and no they did not cause me to seek comfort from the fire in my mouth.

With monthly or quarterly pricing options, this may be the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love (or hate).

You NEED to subscribe today at http://www.fuegobox.com

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