Mous Fitness Bottle

From water infusions, to smoothies to supplements, everyone has their go to bottle when it comes to their fitness needs. However, many are prone to odour and bacteria development due to an inability to thoroughly clean them. Mous, wants to give you a more hygienic hydration experience with their fitness bottle.

The genius comes in its modular design aesthetic that allows proper cleaning, with its unique round bottom, allowing you to really scrub the sediment from the bottom of the bottle. The top also features a unique 180-degree friction hinge and perfectly sized drinking spout for proper liquid flow without constriction.

The problem with many fitness bottles is the leak factor, I can’t tell you how many times mine has popped open in my gym bag! Mous also claims to be leak proof thanks to a soft rubber seal that ensures a water tight fit. We tested this extensively, throwing it around our office and into bags of various shapes and forms and we are happy to report – no spills yet.

Lastly, the bottle just looks suave. It has clean lines, great contrast of clear to color and just appears to be sturdy and will hold up well.

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