Burkleycase Premium Apple Accessories

Burkley, a company out of New York aims to be at the top of the game when it comes to Apple accessories with their premium and unique accompaniments to your most valued devices.

While there are many options out there to consider for your I-devices, Burkley has their sights set a little higher with products that are of strong quality, demonstrate their ambition and most importantly are made from genuine leather.

With everything from Ostrich to Saffiano leathers in a variety of styles and colors to choose from, their cases seem to exude quality and style from the moment you open the packaging.

With their classic pouch and wallet folio styles they sent me, the quality genuine jagged red leather and premium impact resistant polycarbonate inner shell seemed built to last. The magnetic slip on the folio case was also very strong and there was a sense of originality and cleverness with its angled design.

The pouch was a more minimal affair, the classic handcrafted design with genuine leather and a micro suede interior lining was the seemingly perfect form-fitting pouch is made for storing the iPhone without a Snap-on case.

Burkley make quality products that are a great option to encase and protect your gadgets.

Get yours at – Apple iPhone 6 iPhone 6S Burkley Case Premium Genuine Handmade Leather Wallet Folio Case with Credit Card Holder for Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S (Jagged Red)


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