Geko Smart Whistle

The world can sometimes feel like a scary place and personal safety is paramount, a new product by Geko wants to ensure you always feel safe when you are in need, its called the smart whistle.

Fashioned with GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology, this connected tool can alert your loved ones instantly when you are in need. Complete with it’s own proprietary app, you simply input your loved one’s contact information in case of a personal emergency and then blow into the mouthpiece and press the button for 2 seconds to activate the SOS alert.

The app will then automatically call (Android only), text, and email your previously selected contacts. The texts and emails will contain an SOS message, along with a map containing your current location, which will be continuously updated every two to three minutes until the alert is deactivated. Conveniently, after deactivating the alert, your contacts receive another message informing them of your well-being.

There are not many “smart” products on the market that actually seem to better our society and not make us lazier, the smart whistle is a must have for concerned parents, teenagers, young adults and even the elderly. It is a device that adds that ever so important sense of security needed when we most feel at risk. After testing it these past few weeks, we have been very impressed with its ease of use and accuracy in relaying SOS alerts to our loved ones and the added map of location feature is very useful.

This should be on everyone’s gift list. Buy yours at – GEKO Smart Whistle POWERED by WISO, Emergency Location Tracking, Automatically notification via Texts, Emails, Voice Recording, Personal Safety Device for people you love(Turquoise)


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