Jabra Eclipse and Halo Smart Bluetooth Accessories

Jabra has been a household name in audio accessories for over a decade now as they continue their philosophy of transforming lives through the power of sound. They have continued to break boundaries as a sound brand with accomplishments like – the world’s first ultra noise-cancelling microphone, the world’s first Bluetooth® headset and the world’s first sports headphones with integrated heart-rate monitor, to name a few. So when they release products like the Eclipse and Halo Smart, it gets our attention.

The Eclipse is a Bluetooth earpiece that not only is super-light but also features a music-grade speaker and charges in your pocket. With a sleek, modern and unassuming design and crystal clear sound you’ll never have to miss a conversation again. It allows you to take calls, listen to your messages, or simply enjoy an audio-book with ease. It also comes with a dual carrying case/portable charger that provides an additional 7 hours of talk time. Furthermore, it can conveniently connect with Siri or Google Now which we found very useful. The device is also coupled with the Jabra assist app which allows you to customize your audio quality, change your spoken language, read out text messages and much more. I will admit, I was skeptical when we got this product, I wasn’t even aware people still used these Bluetooth earpieces anymore but after using the Eclipse this past week, my hands have been freed up to actually DO work (I guess this could be a negative too).

The Halo Smart is a different affair. It is more of your conventional Bluetooth earphones with a massive 17-hour battery and is built to be wind and water resistant. It too enables you to take calls and use your cellphone voice assist services. The bendable construction is also very comfortable and the magnetic clasp of one ear bud to the other allows them to stay in place around your neck while not in use – something we wish every headphone company would employ into their design. Sound quality is also excellent a with prevailing 10 mm (0.4 in) speakers that deliver full spectrum music quality.

Jabra continues to innovate with the Eclipse and Halo Smart and truly are at the top of their game when it comes to audio and audio accessories.

Buy yours today:
Jabra Eclipse Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones – Retail Packaging – Black


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