WPN Active wear

Its rare to see a fitness apparel company that isn’t afraid to make high quality, stylish fitness apparel for men and not compromise their integrity. While Nike, Reebok and Adidas pump out pretty but subpar products that is solely profit driven, WPN took a different route and aimed to deliver a range of apparel combining sophisticated design with technical innovation.

What makes WPN so different is the materials used in the construction of their products. Their shirts feature IceSkinTM fabric which combines a natural jade mineral with advanced cooling microfiber technology to draw perspiration away from the body and cool the skin’s ambient surface temperature and optimize comfort. Also included is Bact-Out® an antimicrobial nanotechnology, enabling superior odor and fiber degradation resistance that controls 99.9% of bacteria. We should also mention that their shirts also provide 30+ UV protection.

Their bottoms too also feature DRI-SHIELD technology for moisture management. They are quick dry and have odour preventing properties while providing adequate stretch with their flex zones.

We were given the opportunity to try their Stealth/Triple threat shorts and a pair of shirts and one thing we all agreed on is how comfortable they were to work out in. The shorts, first of all, felt very well made, had adequate stretch and also wore well. The material did dry very quickly and did not accumulate odour at all. Their shirts too were very soft and did not seem to soak up our sweat and we all agreed that the construction, especially the stitching seemed well done and would last considerably.

WPN have done what many other fitness apparel companies can’t seem to do. Make high quality fitness products for men that will last and look good too.

Check them out at http://www.wpnwear.com

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