Megaverse – the first modular anti-gravity phone case

You have probably all seen the commercial for the anti-gravity phone case that allows you to stick your phone to any surface. However, the folks over at Mega Tiny Corp. want to take this concept one step further and have created what could be the ultimate case for the iPhone.

The concept of a Nano-suction back to a phone case has been around for sometime now. Simply put, it allows you to stick your phone to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets, tile, flat car dashboards and it stays put.

The Megaverse case is quite the clever modular addition of these type of cases with what Mega Tiny calls MegaBack plates where you can stick a wallet, mirror and/or bottle opener to your Anti-Gravity Case in seconds. They have essentially created the ultimate multi-tool case for the iPhone.

Usability is very good. The case itself is very protective and sturdy with good face protection and as advertised the Nano-suction back does hold to most surfaces. The plates too are very easy to use and not too difficult to add or remove again. We were personal fans of the bottle opener MegaBack plate, which non-surprisingly was very convenient in the Summertime. The plates, although thin, seem to fasten very well to the back of the case and we never feared they would fall off.

Many people have a plethora of phone cases for different purposes and different needs but with the Megaverse system and MegaBack plates, this could be the last case you ever buy.

Buy yours today. Just $39.99 – Mega Tiny Corp Anti-gravity Selfie Case for iPhone 7/6S/6


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