Dreamwave Survivor Bluetooth Speaker

The Survivor Bluetooth speaker by Dreamwave is the kind of electronic device you need during an apocalyptic event. It is a mammoth sound pumping, flashlight toting, car battery charging beast that can last all-day on a single charge.

It all begins with the industrial modern design and its IPX5 Water/Dust/Sand/Snow Protection rating and solid aluminum handle. The speaker looks bad-ass with its all metal motif, army green accent color and substantial weight. It literally feels indestructible.

Its performance is nearly flawless too. It features a 30W Bluetooth connected speaker sound system and 400A emergency 12V car battery jump starter. Not to mention a massive built-in 12,000mAh lithium polymer battery. If that is not enough to make you throw dollars at your computer screen, what about an ultra-bright 110 lumens LED flashlight capable of projecting up to 400 feet of light distance with SOS flash sequence to assist you in the dark. It has it all.

The best part of the Survivor is its sound (it is a speaker after all) with some clever and advanced sound tuning by Dreamwave, there is a fullness, clarity and depth to the sound produced that is very impressive. It is also suitably loud with a powerful kick to the bass.

If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor sound and survival tool, then check out the Survivor Bluetooth speaker.

Buy yours today – Dreamwave SURVIVOR 30W Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker w/ Car Jump Starter and LED flashlight


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