ConnectSense – Smart Outlet

We are living in the generation of the smart home, the app controlled devices that automate the most mundane of tasks from turning on or off a light to locking the front door. Never has there been more demand for opportunities to make dumb devices smarter and with the Connectsense Smart Outlet, this process is now easier than ever before, giving you greater command over your home.

Unlike many other smart plugs, set up is super easy and doesn’t require any additional gateways or hubs, the ConnectSense Smart Outlet works with the Wi–Fi network you already have in your home. It is also one of the first HomeKit-enabled devices, simply meaning that you can control your connected devices with Apple’s own iPod, iPhone, iPad and even your Apple TV using their proprietary technology. It gets better, you can even control the connected devices using Apple’s own voice service Siri and create what is called custom scenes to automate a series of tasks to be completed by voice or click.

The outlet itself also features a convenient rapid USB charging port freeing up the slots to connect the important devices. A stand out feature is also the ability to monitor your homes energy consumption through Connectsense’s own very user friendly app.

After using the Smart Outlet for sometime now, it is surprisingly easy to set up and the integration with Apple’s own HomeKit technology has made it very easy to get all the smart devices in my home to communicate with one another seamlessly. Not to mention how insanely bad-ass it is when you ask Siri to take control of your connected devices, it is A.I at its best – albeit it, a little scary.

It has never been easier to take control of your home and Connectsense have found a way to just make it easy. If only all smart devices were this easy to use!

Get yours today with this SPECIAL OFFER – ConnectSense Smart Outlet with Apple HomeKit Technology


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