Sleep Shepherd

Argh, it’s Winter, cold mornings and early sunsets mean that it can sometimes be hard to track how much sleep you’re getting. Its dark when you wake and even darker when you get home. Many of us often turn to prescription medication when we have trouble sleeping but often they do more harm than good. The team at Sleep Shepherd want to make it easier for you to get a good night’s rest.

So, what is it? Well, simply put it is a very comfortable and unobtrusive band that fastens over the head and improves your sleep using EEG Brainwave Monitoring and a Binaural Beat System. When you first go to bed, your brain rate is ~50 Hz. To fall asleep, your brain rate needs to drop to ~10 Hz. The Sleep Shepherd utilizes EEG Sleep Monitoring and Specialized Binaural Beats to slow your brain rate from an awake state to a sleeping state.

Using specialised and very precise tonal frequencies, one played into each ear, these tones can lower your brain rate. To be most effective, the Sleep Shepherd system is constantly and dynamically updating. Using proprietary integrated EEG sleep monitoring it can intelligently track your brain rate in real time, and subtly adjust the frequency of the binaural beats accordingly. In combination with their patent-pending biofeedback system, this device can help to improve your sleep.

After using the product these past few weeks, I can confidently say that its effects are subtle but do really seem to work. I notoriously have a difficult time falling asleep but while using the Sleep Shepherd system, I found myself falling asleep faster and generally getting a better night’s rest overall. I woke up feeling more refreshed and relaxed, something I never felt using natural sleep alternatives or over the counter medications.

As always, I think it depends on you buying into their claims, from our perspective, with this go-go-go lifestyle we all lead, especially in January, we could all use a little help getting more rest.

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