Fjallraven Greenland No.1 Down Jacket

It is cold in January, especially in Southern Ontario! In fact, at the time of writing this it is currently a balmy -15 degrees Celsius but feels like -22. One thing that every person will tell you that lives north of the equator, is that you MUST have a good Winter coat and our favorite at the moment is the Fjallraven Greenland No.1 down jacket.

For more than 50 years, the team at Fjallraven have made it their mission to design clothing and accessories that allow people to enjoy the great outdoors. Accordingly, they provide functional, durable, and timeless equipment to make the outdoors more enjoyable and do so by finding smart, innovative solutions to make every adventure an unforgettable one.

Their Greenland No.1 jacket is a timeless classic with its roots dating back to the original Greenland Jacket that has the same cut as the first one which Fjällräven’s founder Åke Nordin made from a piece of durable tent fabric in his home in Örnsköldsvik in 1968. In fact, design wise, the jacket is quite different with its contrasting colors and leather details. The fixed hood, chest, hand pockets and useful interior pocket, prove that a lot of thought and attention has gone in to how functional this jacket would be outdoors, and we appreciate that.


The jacket is also exceptionally warm, which is thanks, in part, to the 700 cuin of high-quality goose down the jacket is filled with. The outer construction also seems very durable and can withstand rain, snow, sleet and more with its water-resistant G-1000 Eco recycled polyester and organic cotton build. Lastly, to add some style and class, the jacket has natural-toned leather around the hood and sleeve cuffs and provides a nice contrast to the usual all black Winter coat the rest of the world wears.


The Fjallraven Greenland No.1 jacket has held up very well in our testing and we have thrown all kinds of weather at it. It stood up to the mild rainy December days and has done equally well, if not better, in the frigid minus teens of January. We absolutely love the Polyester build and it is very easy to keep clean and wipe away salt marks. Best of all, you can even add some Greenland wax to the exterior to make it even more water resistant, so it can be used on wetter fall days. It is also quite different to other offerings and looks great with any attire.

With more than half a century of experience tackling the outdoors, you need to look no further than Fjallraven’s product range. The Greenland jacket and more are available at

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