Ninja Coffee Bar System

In a sea of plastic pods and paper cups, it is fair to say that we have forgotten what a real cup of coffee tastes like. We spend our hard-earned cash on improperly spelt names on cups, weak overpriced coffee or pods that have on average less than a tablespoon of coffee inside. We are in the coffee flavored hot water apocalypse of 2017. Perhaps I am being a little over-dramatic? However, understand that I am a realist, I can’t afford to visit real coffee shops and pay a barista to make me a “real” cup of coffee everyday, I need convenience but I also want quality and I have found that perfect harmony in the Ninja Coffee Bar.

First things first, the coffee bar is not just your regular coffee machine. You can brew your coffee your way, you can select the brew type from the smooth, rich classic to the café forte that allows the complexity of flavor to be released from the beans and packs a powerful punch. You can also customize your perfect coffee size with 6 different options available. You can make a whole carafe, your standard 12oz cup, a short sharp espresso or even Ninja’s own 22oz monster tumbler (also included). If you really want to take your coffee to the next level, also included is a milk frother attachment that can add that creamy dairy goodness to your roast. You might even be compelled to write to Ninja and say ‘thanks-a-latte’.

Now all of this is good but if it makes crap coffee, what’s the point? The Ninja Coffee Bar really shines when it comes to perfecting the perfect hot or cold brew with what they call their Auto-IQ system which knows exactly how much water to draw from the reservoir based on the brew type and size you select. Then during the brewing process, the coffee bar uses advanced thermal flavor extraction, a fancy way of saying that the machine will moisten the grinds first before a full brew to allow the full flavor and aroma to be unlocked and enhance the overall flavor and taste of your coffee.

To top it all off, the coffee bar by Ninja has a few added benefits worth noting. Firstly, you have a permanent or disposable filter option for simplicity and convenience, no more landfill filling pods. A very clever drip stop lever which allows you to cease brewing at anytime and an included perfectly measured double sided scoop. Best of all though is that the unit can be fully programmed for delayed brewing where your coffee can be prepared hot and ready before you wake up.

The Ninja Coffee Bar has opened our eyes to a world of Java we never thought existed. Our coffee tastes better, it is very easy to use and is convenient for all occasions. Have we become even more addicted to our coffee…maybe just a little bit. However, when coffee smells and tastes this good – who could say no?

Available in 3 different models, get yours exclusively here – Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System with XL Ninja Hot & Cold 22 oz. Multi-Serve Tumbler and Recipe Book (CF112)


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