Black Hatchet Organic Charcoal Soap

Latika Body Essentials are changing the way consumers treat their body, they proudly produce products that are SLS and paraben free, made in the USA, all natural and handcrafted. Their line of activated charcoal soaps, balms, and beard oils, are made with a unique blend of 100% pure essential oils enriched with organic activated charcoal.

What could possibly be the best name ever for soap – Black Hatchet, everything from the product itself to its packaging makes this product standout from a very crowded market. A lot of bath and shower products include ingredients such as Diethanolamine – which is known to have carcinogenic properties and do more harm than good, often stripping skin of it’s natural oils. Latika’s all natural, gluten and often vegan free approach to their products will make you feel as though you are treating your skin right.

Their organic charcoal soap is a natural detoxifier for your skin and cleans dirt more effectively. The added inclusion of a unique blend of natural oils such as tea tree, mint, sage and even rosemary mean not only are you getting a more effective clean, but your skin is also being nourished. Something particularly important in the warmer months ahead.

One thing we appreciated as predominantly male testers was the girthy size of the soap bar, it felt like it wouldn’t break apart after a few uses and it fit in our hands perfectly. It also assuredly made me feel like I was getting value for my money, something often overlooked as important and is usually a sneaky cost cutting measure used by the bigger brands.

With many products on offer by Latika, from soaps to bath bombs to lip care, there is something to be said about products that not only make your skin feel great but are also good for you. So, treat yourself and your skin right with Latika Body Essentials.

BUY your Latika charcoal soap exclusively here – Latika Natural Charcoal Soap, 3 Bars (5 Oz Ea.)


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