Lumo Run

With Summer upon us, many of us are actively getting fit and having fun. We walk, we run without ever thinking about what we are doing, we just know it is good for us. However, what if there was a way to optimize your performance through real-time biomechanical tracking? Well, now there is with – Lumo Run, a sensor which measures and coaches you on running form.

Lumo’s philosophy is quite simple, to provide actionable feedback about your behavior and increase awareness of one’s body so you can make small but powerful changes to improve your life. Their Run sensor is a simple but ingenious piece of tech that can analyze your running form while offering unique real-time audio coaching to help you exceed your goals. The sweat proof/waterproof design simply clips on to the back of your running shorts and has a massive 7-day standby/20 hour run time. Best of all, you do not need to run with your device, all data can be synchronized after the fact via their proprietary app. No wires, or watches when you run – finally, someone is listening!

Lumo Run, is backed by some serious science too thanks to state of the art sports biomechanics research on distance running done at Loughborough University in the UK. This study further informed the development of the device itself with its lab-grade 9-axis sensor and advanced algorithms that capture accurate running biomechanics through core body movements such as cadence, bounce, braking, pelvic drop, and rotation.

After using Lumo’s Run for this past month, we are very impressed. We love that you can go truly hands-free and just run, we find ourselves all too often distracted by digits on our smart-watch or flashing lights on say a Fitbit. Having said that though, a real highlight of the Run is the real-time audio feedback on your running form, unfortunately only available through a connection to your smartphone and headphones, however, it does helps you stay on track for your running goals and helps build positive muscle memory. With that, we also enjoyed the fact that Lumo Run coaches you on the metrics that matter most to you and really feels as though you are getting a personalized experience about how to improve your own individual results.

Lumo Run is an impressive coaching device that every runner, man or woman, needs this Summer to help them gradually improve form, get better results, and simply have fun. At the very reasonable price of $99, you need to get yours today!

BUY your Lumo Run here – Lumo Run – the Running Coach for Every Runner (iPhone 5S or newer only)


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