William Painter – ‘The Hook’ sunglasses

We’ve all been there, you buy a new pair of stylish sunglasses and before you know it…you drop them, they get scratched up or worse break on impact. Hundreds of dollars dissipate before your very eyes because more expensive does not mean better made. William Painter, set out to change the way we buy sunglasses, by forgoing the compromises and focusing on building a product made with durable materials and backing it with a lifetime warranty.

You have probably seen the ads for their sunglasses on your favorite social media sites like Facebook. Their products are different, better and what makes them so is the use of materials in the construction of their sunglasses that are also found in Fighter Jets, F1 Race Cars, Lamborghini’s, and ultra-luxury watches – that product is titanium, aerospace grade titanium to be precise. Yes, that’s right, their sunglass frames are made from one of the strongest materials on Earth. The frame itself is additionally coated in what they call “black armor” which is an additional titanium matte black coating. To top it all off, their lenses are no slouch either with their Japanese Nylon Polarized lenses that neutralize glare, make objects clearer, are very scratch-proof and reduce strain on the eyes.

Their Hook sunglasses are a Summer essential. It is a classic wayfarer style shade made from titanium and has a lifetime warranty. Best of all, a discreet bottle opener is also built into the arms of the frame. They are also rear weighted, meaning, by using titanium and ultra light lenses, the center of balance is improved which makes for a more comfortable fit, helping to ensure the glasses stay planted on your face. Not to mention, a flexible acetate frame with memory that will mold back to the shape of your face and conform perfectly to the shape of your head.

After wearing the hook exclusively this past few weeks, we must admit how handy it is to have a bottle opener on hand all the time. It may have even increased our cold beverage consumption on warmer days by having such convenience. We were also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lenses which seem very clear and of good optical quality. The polarization also helps keep those pesky sun rays out of your eyes while driving, even on the shiniest of days. Lastly, a very nice touch is the – included at no extra cost – hard case and cleaning cloth, which gives that added reassurance that you can keep your sunglasses safe when you don’t need them.

William Painter have created fine quality sunglasses that are not just strong, but also lightweight with great lens clarity and a guarantee to last at least one lifetime. In our books, this is a sure-fire success story and One Cut’s product of the month!

Get your pair here – William Painter – The Hook Titanium Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses


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  1. iniwalker10 says:

    My grandmother liked my William Painter “Hook” sunglasses so much that she wanted a pair for herself. I got her these because they were a little more “her style” and she LOVED them and i know you will too so i give 5/5 for this Sunglasses as well.


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