In just over two years here at One Cut, we have reviewed a plethora of fitness trackers – some good and some…not so good. Truthfully, we have never been believably sold on their ability to track biometrics, different brands meant different results and there was no consistency…. until now. Biostrap, is the first wearable we have used that we can whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who is serious about taking control of their health.

Firstly, let’s start with the product itself, it is unassumingly simple and durable. It is 5 ATM waterproof rated, features wireless charging, and has a strong 3-5-day battery life. The Biostrap platform utilizes two devices, one that is worn on your wrist and another that attaches to your shoe that work in unison to help you understand your body and track your training. The reason behind this is also quite ingenious, each sensor comes with a gyroscope and accelerometer, allowing the device to sense changes in orientation, velocity and position of your hands AND legs giving a much more accurate spectrum of movement data. If that is not enough, Biostrap also has a custom library of over 100 known exercises to better log your training and it can even record any repetitious exercise using its own proprietary machine-learning algorithms and automatically detect and analyze it for your future workouts.

The advantage of a self-learning tracker is the ability to get quantified reps, duration, form, and consistency for every set you perform. This is further aided by the Biostraps’ ability to also track your heart rate. It doesn’t just tell you how many beats per minute, the unit is fully loaded with clinical quality heart health analysis tools such as blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, rate variability and even sleep analysis. This is all thanks to a clinical-quality PPG (PHOTOPLETHYSMOGRAPHY) sensor that allows it to capture high-fidelity raw waveforms and provide extremely precise heartbeat data.

Now with all this data, there must be a brilliant app to collate all this right? Well yes! Biostrap doesn’t disappoint with their fitness tracking app for iOS and Android. The app itself is very intuitive and simple to use. It will provide metrics on rep consistency, session time, exercise duration, active calories, and active time. It will also track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly trends to make sure you on staying on track for your goals. It pretty much checks all the right boxes when it comes to logging health data and is very easy to navigate.

We could go on and on about the merits of this device but simply put – this is the best heath tracking device we have used in the past two years. It is superbly accurate, very durable and easy to use and is One Cut’s product of the month for August, nay, perhaps product of the year contender.

Get yours at

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