Mava – Cross training, Workout, and Weight Lifting Gear

Mava is a company that was born from frustration with current fitness accessories that exist on the market, ones that could never quite fit the bill when it came to the right combination of comfort, durability, and safety. They sought to create something that they could rely on to push their bodies to their full potential. What originally started as a workout glove, has now expanded to Knee Wraps, Knee Sleeves, and Wrist Wraps to best protect your body from injuries.

The company itself has a simple philosophy when it comes to their products, they believe in responsible workouts which means ensuring you’re fully protected against injuries and with a full 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, we knew we had to try what they had to offer for you our loyal readers, and to cut to the chase – these products are not just good but great!

We first tried their Silicone padded gloves, unlike your conventional workout glove, your hand is mostly exposed and is fastened by a powerful Velcro wrist wrap and snug neoprene finger holes complete with a textured palm pad. The palm pad itself, does provide excellent grip, especially when doing bicep curls and the neoprene is very breathable and does not get slippery like leather. We really like the freedom of not having the hand fully constricted, but we do wish there was more padding in the palm area itself, despite what was advertised, as it does sit close the skin and can lead to some soreness over a 2-hour workout or after many lifts.

Secondly, were the classic knee sleeves, which according to Mava has been tested by professional athletes. First impressions were excellent, these are much thicker than the generic brand bought at Walmart and that is a good thing. At 7mm thick, these things provide some serious compression and support and never felt like a hindrance. They are made very well and sit on the knee in just the right spots and overall, we felt less fatigue and tightness after wearing these both during a run and throughout our regular lifting regime.

In the same breath, we also tried their calf sleeves which bring a completely different experience. Offering both stability and support, The Mava calf sleeves feature a breathable, moisture wicking design that help reduce inflammation and promote blood circulation and muscle recovery. That extra support for both calf and shin also brings increased vertical jump power, which we attest to your calf muscle being compressed and therefore your mind thinking it needs to push harder to activate, hence better performance. Having said that, this is a welcome addition to our ball game.

Mava have designed and created some serious gear for those who want more from their fitness products and in a throw-a-way world where things are expandable, these feel as though they are built to last and keep performing and this is a welcome change.

BUY yours here:

Gloves – Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support, Large – Black

Knee Sleeves – Compression Knee Sleeves for Maximum Support and Stability under Load – Comfortable, Contoured Fit to Provide Joint Compression & Warmth – Reduce Swelling Black – Pair

Calf Sleeves – Mava Sports Calf Sleeves Compression (Pair), Leg Compression Calf Sleeve for Runners, for Men & Women, Unisex (Gold, Small)


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