Kimera Koffee

Stop the press! Coffee is good for you now. Following a run of bad press, many reputable researches now claim that coffee not only makes you smarter, improves physical performance, lowers the risk of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s but it can even prolong your life! So, if you are going to drink more of it, then why not turbo charge your body AND your brain with a world first cup of joe that features natural brain vitamins! This is Kimera Coffee.

Hailing all the way from Jarabacoa in the beautiful Dominican Republic, an area known for high quality coffee beans, the creators set out to create a coffee that features powerful Nootropics that stimulate dopamine levels in the brain and boost cognitive function.

What makes Kimera coffee such a great cup, is not just the powerful brain vitamins, but the eco-friendly process by which they harvest the beans. The ideal climate of shade and altitude in Jarabacoa produces a very unique-tasting coffee — deeply robust yet not overpowering, with a complex, nutty flavor. They are wet processed, which aids in premium conservation and ensuring the beans are mold-free. The Estate then employs bio-digesters to recycle the cherry pulp and convert it into methane fuel that helps power the facility.

We were fortunate to try their classic Kimera coffee and Jujimufu blends. While the latter was a more robust brew, both featured pre-ground high-altitude Artisan Coffee infused with Alpha GPC, Taurine, DMAE, and L-Theanine all which aids in boosting energy, focus and overall physical performance.

Like most, we were skeptical at first, however, one thing about Kimera coffee is that despite it claims, this is one delicious brew. After a few days, we did find ourselves feeling more energized, like someone had changed our battery and we were able to take on the most challenging of days with ease. Now, some of you out there are going to claim this was a placebo affect, but, even if this is just another high-quality coffee, we were fans of the flavor and richness of the joe.

So, if you feel like you need that extra kick in the butt in the morning and want to feel more alert nay more empowered to take on the world, then you must try Kimera coffee.

BUY yours here – Kimera Koffee – Nootropic Infused Ground Coffee – High Altitude Single Estate (12oz)


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