Switchmate – The smart way to make a smart home

With the plethora of smart home automation devices out there, no one, until now, has addressed the real problem at hand – the messy, expensive, and often painful process of installing and setting up these devices. Switchmate, want to make your home smart the simple way with their patented snap on home lighting system.

Relative new players in this space, Switchmate have proven themselves in the industry with a simple guiding philosophy – to improve the consumer lifestyle with home automation products that can be installed in seconds by anyone and everyone. In fact, the company claims it takes just 1 second to install their lighting system.

The system itself is quite ingenious. Their smart lighting products magnetically attach to any existing lighting switch and using the paired app can turn any light in your house into fully customizable smart lighting. There are no frustrating installation processes, wiring reconfiguration changes or the need for Wi-Fi at all. In fact, all Switchmate’s products work on Bluetooth low energy technology.

A real advantage of this system and something we really liked was that you can schedule your connected lights to come on at the appropriate time or better yet, the system will recognize when you are home and automatically turn your connected lights on. The scope of this technology is vast as this also works to improve the security of your home by making it seem like someone is home when in fact there may not be. Perfect for when you are on vacation and want that added reassurance.
A real highlight of this technology is that the system can magnetically attach to the two most common types of switches found in homes today – both the toggles and rocker switch, making this a truly universal system.

Switchmate, have found a way to make smart homes simpler and with all the products out there, this one shines the brightest in the smart world we live in.

BUY your system here – Switchmate SKLPP00T7 Lighting Power Pack Slim -Toggle


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