Punkt MP01 Mobile Phone

In a world consumed by technology, it is easy to become overwhelmed and easily distracted from the things that truly matter the most. Swiss company – Punkt, want to put, you, the consumer, back in the driver’s seat and take charge of the technology you buy while helping you understand the importance of subtle beauty in everyday life.

Technology products used to make our everyday lives easier but increasingly we are bombarded with notifications, alarms, and updates that keep us attached to these things. With this is mind, Punkt set out to change the way we interact with our tech. through the formation of a simple but poignant philosophy: “Technology can bring great things, but like any good relationship, there should be healthy boundaries. As we spend more time looking down at a screen we are missing the opportunity to look up, look around and engage with life”.

Their MP01 ‘dumb’ phone is a testament to this philosophy. It is a simple but beautiful piece of hardware that does what is necessary – it calls, texts, and has an alarm and that’s it. It wasn’t too long ago that cell phones did these things. They were robust, had great battery life and were effective communication devices but one may argue that somewhere along the way, we lost sight of what was important and the MP01 wants to rekindle your love for simplicity.

Punkt products are built to produce a combination that is rare in consumer electronics: simplicity with sophistication. The MP01 is exactly that, a well crafted mobile phone that does what it needs to and encourages you to take a break and take in the world. It comes in 3 different colors – black, white, and brown and can even fit into your slim jean pockets – I’m looking at you iPhone 8 plus and Note 8.

So, take back your life, don’t let technology control you, you control it. The Punkt MP01 mobile phone is a step in the right direction. It does what is necessary, nothing more – nothing less and perhaps it is time to disconnect a little and not let life pass us by.

BUY your Punkt MP01 here – Punkt MP 01 Mobile Phone – US Black


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