DirtyBird Energy Soaps

Imagine a company that takes a scientific approach to keeping you clean, a company that uses natural ingredients that are safe for you and your family but at the same time energize your mind and body so you can perform at its best. DirtyBird, creates soap for those with active, busy lifestyles that want to start their day feeling refreshed and ready for what life throws at them.

With three different variants available, DirtyBird wants to help you recover, relax, and energize with their line of soap bars that are infused with all-natural ingredients like caffeine and peppermint oil for those needing to kick start their day. When the day is done, you can also choose to relax with their unique offering that is infused with lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and ylang ylang essential oils that absorb to relax the body and mind as well as soothe the skin. In fact, a big draw card to DirtyBird’s soaps is the company’s take on a modern theory where studies suggest that most of the ingredients in soap are absorbed into the skin at different rates.

A few things we appreciated with their line of soap products was firstly the texture. Each bar has a slight rough (but comfortable) outer feel that really helped us feel like we were scrubbing the grit of the previous day away. Another notable mention, is the patented reusable container, that snaps shut and allows you to take your soap anywhere; the gym, camping, vacation, anywhere. We found this incredibly convenient and can’t help but wonder why other companies don’t follow suit.

Overall, DirtyBird’s line of soaps want to help you feel and be your best whether its kick starting your early mornings or shutting down the engines at night, their all-natural infused soaps can help you get there. They are so great, they even offer a club membership, whereby they will send you your favorite bars at whatever monthly designation you decide for a very reasonable price! So, if you are serious about getting clean, then look no further than DirtyBird’s Energy Soaps.

BUY your bar here – DirtyBird Energy Soap – Single Bar


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