The Trinken Cup

Let face it – most events simply are better when beer is involved. Whether you are at the beach, watching your sons’ soccer game or just having your Sunday afternoon leisurely stroll downtown, having a cold one in your hand just feels right. No, I’m not an alcoholic, although it may seem that way from this intro, but rather I am a connoisseur of the cold one. After 30 days on Kickstarter, Trinken were 225% funded, so there are many out there that believe in this philosophy and Trinken wants to make this easier than ever!

Trinken products were born from necessity. Essentially, the creators designed a lid that can attach to most conventional medium to large coffee cups. You simply open your can of choice, snap it into the bottom of the lid with the 6 strong snaps, and pop the lid on a cup to give you an instant stealth beer cozy! The silicone gasket at the top also prevents any unwanted spillage for true discretion and the secondary breather hole ensures perfect flow.

Later, the concept of the six-inch collapsible cup was born, which is a truly portable and reusable insulator for your chosen pint. With the cup and lid combo, it fully encapsulates the can so that anyone will think you are simply enjoying a cup of joe. Perfect for those crazy expensive concert events when beers are like $15 a can.

We will admit that this is something that an overweight, out of work and borderline alcoholic version of James Bond might use. We were big fans of the cup and lid combo as it kept our beer just the right temperature because everyone knows warm beer tastes like ass. We also loved the ability to use the lid with most coffee cup sizes, despite the vendor. Starbucks just took on a whole new meaning to us.

So, the next time you are hankering for the golden ale and want to drink it discreetly, then you need the Trinken cup.

Get yours here – Trinken Lid and Collapsible Cup

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