Belly Armor’s Radiashield Boxer Briefs

As product reviewers, we are becoming more concerned about what affect the gadgets we carry in our pockets, around our neck, wear on our wrist and are embedded into our clothing is doing to our bodies. The reality is today’s children will be exposed to levels of radiation unprecedented in human history and recent research indicates potential biological health risks from everyday radiation (non-ionizing radiation emitted by sources like cell phones, computers, wireless towers, and power lines). Belly Armor wants to help protect you by being the first line of defense – your underwear – with their line of radiation blocking undergarments.

While it can take years for scientific evidence to conclusively affirm health risks, we as consumers still need to be aware of the potential health risks and take proactive measures to combat this exposure. Designed specifically for men to protect their sperm count, Belly Armor’s boxer briefs are comprised of a light-weight, breathable, and machine washable Modal/Spandex blend that includes their proprietary RadiaShield® Fabric. Free of heavy-metals and toxic dyes, the fabric works by neutralizing, through reflection and absorption, incoming electromagnetic waves, canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing your exposure. In fact, RadiaShield® Fabric has been independently tested in FCC-certified and NVLAP-accredited labs to have shielding effectiveness of 99.9% for the range of everyday radiation (<10MHz – 8+GHz)

At a retail price of $49 per pair, these are on the high end of the spectrum when it comes to cost and for us it is hard to determine if they are having any effect at all. While it is backed by a lot of science, consumers are also expected to take a leap of faith that these work as well as described. For us, therefore, we can only comment on the fit more than the function. We will say that as underwear go, they are made from a super soft cotton and have great breath-ability, which was nice in the warmer months we were testing these. Our one criticism is the design, these are more utilitarian than fashionable and we were not fans of the navy and grey combination, there were no funky prints here and do have an unfortunate ‘old man’ vibe to them. Perhaps we have just been conditioned to think that underwear should be stylish, each to their own.

At the end of the day, this isn’t the first time we have heard about the affects of radiation on the human body and if you are serious about protecting your twig and berries, as most of us carry our phones in our pockets, perhaps the leap of faith will pay off in the end.

Get a special 3-PACK at this exclusive ONE CUT price here – RadiaShield Boxer-Briefs w/ Radiation Shielding Fabric (XL 3-Pack)


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