Burnetie Snow Boot

Winter is not coming…it is here and with the colder temperatures upon us, the need for a solid snow and sludge trudging boot that won’t break the bank is paramount. With uncompromising quality and value, Burnetie’s snow boot is a great starting point!

We are big fans of Burnetie with their promise of a zero-waste manufacturing process and other green initiatives. Their award winning corporate responsibility programs and strong commitment to the environment, hits a sweet spot for us as consumers, but more importantly, their shoes are also seriously comfortable.

Their snow boots are perfect for everything from a nice Winter wonderland trek to accompanying a good pair of jeans for a walk downtown. The high quality waxed suede upper coupled with faux wool lining make these shoes look and feel very premium. The rounded toe cap, welted sole and De-vulcanized recycled rubber also give the impression that these are built to last the harshest of terrains and still have some longevity season to season.

After wearing the boots here in Toronto this past November, we are not strangers to the colder weather at this time of the year and these snow boots fared admirably. Not only did they withstand the wetter weather like a champion, but, we really liked the faux wool lining as it kept our feet very cozy on those colder mornings. Our only criticism would be the sizing. We found the boots to be at least half a size to a full size larger than other conventional footwear brands, so when ordering, our advice would be to size down.

Burnetie, have a unique offering here, not only is it a great boot but it’s a boot you can feel good about buying as it is comprised of recycled materials and made under conditions that reduce the impact on the environment and we are OK with that.

Get yours at http://www.burnetieshoes.com

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