Douchebags – Modern Travel Gear

What could be the cleverest name for a company in marketing history, like most things, was created out of necessity. The painful luggage problems most people experience when traveling led two friends to lament over bulky bags, heavy carrying and expensive overweight charges and create their own unique kind of smarter travel gear and this is how – Douchebags – was born.

With the mission of designing luggage for the more urban and active lifestyle traveler, creators Swedish Freeski legend Jon Olsson and the Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas, wanted to make taking those long journeys easier and more efficient.

We were given the opportunity to try their 30L Hugger backpack and their Big Bastard 90L roller. Available in a plethora of colors, out of the packaging, it was immediately noticeable that this is luggage for those that care about space and durability, a welcome change from those fashion loving accessories people tote through airports nowadays.

The Hugger is the smart and roomy carry-on for those long-haul flights. Its design fits in that perfect space between duffel and backpack and best of all is IATA cabin approved. The Polyester/DPE shell and inner lining make this feel very durable and can be thrown around without fear of damage. The main compartment has a 44x35cm space for storage with a roomy top pocket and bonus padded laptop compartment. Best of all, the patented hook up system means it can be attached to the front of the any larger roller bag and the weight placed over the wheels instead of your tired shoulders, something we thought was awesome!

The Big Bastard is…well…a big bastard! It features maximum storage space into 43x25x85cm footprint, which is impressive. Made from a similar Polyester/TPE construction, the carry all features a single motion zip that completely opens the case up with unique mesh pockets lining the inside. An equally clever smaller top pocket, also means that the essentials like passports and cellphones can be stored and accessed within arms reach. The BB, also features a unique rib cage construction, consisting of strong and lightweight ABS ribs, to allow padding to be removed but remain reliably sturdy. Also, of note, is the cases’ unique big wheels and two-stage retractable handle to allow for smooth navigation. Plus, convenient side-, top- and bottom handles ensure safe and comfortable handling and carrying.

After traveling all over with Douchebag, we can confidently say that they have held up to our travel woes without fail. The hook up system is quite ingenious and very helpful when moving your way through a bustling terminal and both cases had ample room for all our tech gear and more.

So, upgrade your travel gear and get your Douchebag today at

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