Fumpa Pumps

For those that are just itching for Spring to come so you can go ride your bicycle, one item that should be on everyone’s wish list is the new Lithium Powered bike pump from Fumpa Pump.

Engineered specifically for cyclists, The Fumpa and Mini-Fumpa are a patented compressor design that draws in and compresses the surrounding air to fill your tires incredibly fast. Designed to replace your mini-pump or CO2 canister kit, the brush-less motor technology provides power to the compressor which in encased in a sturdy all-metal design that not only reduces vibration but also maintains the thermal properties of the pump.

The Unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery charged via USB port and can inflate 6 tires on a single charge at a maximum of 120 PSI. Another clever inclusion is the digital pressure sensor to get the most accurate reading during inflation.

We were very impressed by the Fumpa Pump, not only does it inflate tires fast but also accurately and even more impressive was that it has a very compact and portable footprint, this could easily be stowed in a backpack and taken with you on long rides. For those pedal heads out there, it also accepts Presta and Schrader valves gives it universal compatibility.

So, dust off your helmets, tighten those chains and air up those tires – Spring is coming!

Get yours at http://www.fumpapumps.com

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