Velosock – Indoor Bicycle Cover

June is a damn fine month to be out riding, the only problem is, the more adventurous we become as we tackle those dirt tracks carving up mother nature, the messier our bike and our wheels become. This is compounded even more if you live in an apartment complex as the sight of you wheeling your messy two wheeled beast through the lobby is bound to get some unwelcome looks. The team at Velosock, have the solution, with their patented indoor bicycle cover.

The stretchy and machine washable Velosock, is made from a Polyester and Spandex blend and is designed to work with 99% of bicycles currently on the road. It simply slips over the bottom half of your bicycle and protects your floors from messy debris as it collects in the bottom. This is also particularly handy for those that transport their bikes in the back of SUV’s and don’t want that annoying extra clean up that comes with a day out. One thing we liked about the Velosock was that it also protects little one’s hands from pedals and other sharp edges and gears while they inquire their world.

After using the sock this past month, we do have a few takeaways we wanted to share. First and foremost is installation, while there is a very clear instructional video with a guy that makes it look all too easy, there is definitely a learning curve with this one, you are after all putting a big stretchy sock on a misshaped object. More often than not we made more dirt fly around the office trying to put it on that what it was worth. We also feel because of this that this is more of a long term storage solution than a weekend kind of undertaking, sure it is simple enough, but for us having to take it off and then put it back on again was tiresome at times.

Having said that, we are a big fan of the many design choices available, some far too outrageous for our taste, but do bring some originality to your bicycle. If you are storing your bike on a wall in a cramped apartment for everyone to see, then these will definitely add some artistic compliment to your walls. At the end of the day, Velosock is a well-made and somewhat convenient option for those that want to protect their most valuable asset come the colder months or are just sick and tired of those judging eyes or nagging wives.

BUY yours here – VELOSOCK Bicycle Bike Cover RIO for Indoor Storage – Keeps floors and walls DIRT-FREE – Fits 99% of ALL ADULT Bicycles


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