Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush

People always want to have the brightest smile in the room, it radiates confidence and beauty. One company wants you to focus more on your oral health and help you feel more positive and poised and it all starts with your teeth. Triple Bristle, have invented a world’s first Sonic toothbrush that has 3 patented heads to give your mouth a total clean.

Most people on average brush their teeth for 45 seconds. That makes the standard toothbrush unlikely to provide adequate hygiene. However, instead of remaking the toothbrush most companies just add small design changes that aren’t significant. One of the more significant developments with brushing technology is adding electrical motion – either sonic or rotating or oscillating. However, most people habitually miss the same spots. Statistically, people spend a lot of time on the outside portions of their teeth, a bit of time on the top and very little to none on the portion near the tongue and palate.

So, one might argue, why do I need three toothbrush heads? The simple answer is a more effective clean. The three heads allow for perfectly angled bristles that scrub away plaque while also being soft on the gums. This is also helped by a powerful sonic motor that pulses 31000 times per minute and in combination with the brush heads it will not only clean the front of your teeth but also the top and back as well in one fluid motion.

The brush itself also has three settings – high, sensitive and massage, making this perfect for those that have implants, braces, veneers, and crowns. Par for the course too is the effective 2-minute timer and quadrant prompt, alerting users to the appropriate time you should spend cleaning the top and bottom teeth.

After using the brush this past 60 days, one thing we can confirm is that our teeth just feel cleaner. Now they were never “not clean” but our other conventional electric toothbrush just fails in comparison to the shine and fresh feeling the Triple Bristle gives. There were a few hurdles at first, especially getting used to essentially three toothbrushes cleaning your teeth at once, but once you get past the learning curve, it is not hard to see why the Triple Bristle brush is recommended by periodontists, orthodontists, and general dentists.

If you want a cleaner mouth, healthier teeth and a great smile then you too need to look no further than the Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush.

BUY yours here – Triple Bristle Best Sonic Electric Toothbrush – Whiter Teeth & Brighter Smile – Rechargeable 31,000 VPM Tooth Brush is Unique & Patented 3 Brush Head Design – Perfect Angle Bristles Clean Each Tooth


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