NSD Titan Spinner and SWIM Training System

Recovering from sports related injuries, in particular in the arm and shoulders, can be tough. We use these muscles for the most mundane of activities, often subconsciously. However, what if there was a way to help rehabilitate and maintain muscle tone and health from finger to shoulder through isometric strengthening exercises, well now there is with the TITAN spinner by NSD.

What looks like a prop from an Avengers movie, the Powerball (as it is known) is actually quite an effective non-impact rehabilitation device. Finely engineered, the high-precision gyroscope consists of a rapidly spinning rotor enclosed in a solid outer sphere. To use it, users simply wind back the precisely balanced zinc rotor; release and begin turning your wrist in slow, gentle circles.


The premise behind this type of product is that through this movement, blood flow increases and joint health is promoted by stimulating the production of synovial fluid – the fluid that lubricates and nourishes joints. However, it also goes beyond just being a rehabilitation device, it can also help build strength in the wrist and improve grip. This seemingly works to compliment any training regime for sports that rely on grip strength.

One thing that really impressed us was its promise to improve those with RSI or repetitive strain injuries often brought on by overuse of a particular muscle or group of muscles. In fact, there has been a significant parallel between modern technological device usage and an upswing in RSIs. In our experience, one of our team often experienced wrist pain from typing on a keyboard almost 10 hours a day and after using the Powerball, she reported a significant reduction in the pain and swelling in that area and a notable feeling that her wrist tendons felt stronger and were less tender.

BUY the TITAN here – NSD Power Sterling Spinner – Titan


For those swimmers out there, the NSD Swim Training System is a beast of a different kind and essentially is a Digital Swim Coach that logs time & speed, counts strokes & calories, measures distance between strokes & more to help you improve performance.

The Standard Kit includes a NSD Swim tracker device, flotation swim belt, 2 tether cords and works when users strap on the iSwim swim belt, secure your swim tethers to any stationary poolside object and to your swim belt (with your NSD Swim device in between) and start swimming.

The app then logs, tracks and analyzes the various factors mentioned of your swim directly from your smartphone, providing users with powerful data and performance metrics so that they can train more effectively. Best of all, it even works with Apple Health & Google Fit and you can even video record your swim which makes this a powerful tool for athletes and coaches alike.

Both of these devices offer their users, a smarter way to train individual muscle groups and improve performance on the whole. Whether you are rehabilitating or trying to be the best, the NSD Spinner and Swim Training System will simply make you a better and stronger athlete.

BUY the NSD Swim here – NSD Swim Trainer System :: Includes Swim Tracker Device, Swim Belt, 2 Swim Tethers, USB Charging Cable & User Guide :: Tracks, Logs & Analyzes Speed, Strokes & More Via iOS & Android Apps


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