Product of the Month: Synca CirC Compact Massage Chair

Think massage chairs and you probably envision large, cumbersome and noisy devices that most people would love to have but can rarely afford. We see them in gyms, airports and nail salons and think – if only. Synca, want to bring the convenience and comfort of a massage into your home with their sleek and stylish compact massage chair which promises to fix fatigue and get rid of the stress of everyday life at an affordable price that you are going to love!

Bringing wellness through Japanese design and engineering, the team at Synca have managed to reinvent the classic massage chair to make it a more ergonomic and body contouring. Winner of the Good Design Award, the compact chair is a simply stunning design that is likely to suit most modern homes and is available in 3 different color hues.


The chair itself, features a 106-degree angle between the seat and backrest that creates a subtle curve that your body simply falls comfortably in to. The L Shape Rail construction allows for long massage strokes and provides professional massage technique including “Tapping” and “Kneading” while the in-built heat therapy loosens tight muscles for maximum effectiveness. We love that the chair massages you from Trapezius to Hamstring and even offers users the ability to manually select what areas in your shoulders, back or butt you want to focus more on using their clever controller.

An underrated feature of the CirC compact massage chair its capability to loosen the lumbar paraspinal muscles through its alternating gentle movement from left to right using what they call whisper quiet air cell technology and gentle precise massage hands. We were legitimately impressed by this feature as it is not common to other products of this nature and actually made our hips and lower back feel more relaxed. The addition of extra cushions for the head and back plus the ambient orange lighting on the sides of the chair are also a nice touch. Especially so, if you want to submerse yourself into deep relaxation in the dark without stumbling across the room in the daze of Utopian bliss you are likely to feel after using the chair.


This is the type of product you didn’t know you were missing until you have tried it. After using it exclusively for the past month, we wonder how we got by without it. It is the perfect way to wind-down after an exhausting day and does in fact work well as a stress reliever and recovery device. It also doesn’t hurt to have a fine glass of whiskey in your hand will you experience it.

For these reasons and more, the Synca CirC compact massage chair is a must have for every home and at with an affordable $899 price tag, you simply can’t put a price on the happiness it will bring you and for that reason, it is the One Cut Product of the Month for November.

BUY yours here – Synca Wellness CirC – SL Track Heated Massage Chair, Beige


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