Traveling? Then you need this Carry-On

Finding the right carry-on luggage is an exercise in patience, there are a lot of factors to consider. There is of course style, the amount of storage and the often-neglected maneuverability category to consider and more. Worst yet, pretty much any company that makes luggage claims to have the best carry-on for you. With so many options out there to consider, how do you narrow it down to just one? It’s simple – real world use! For the past 6 months, our go to carry on has been the Vocier C38 and below is why it should be your next purchase too!

Weighing in at just under 10 pounds when full, the feather-light C38 is the perfect option for someone that wants premium build quality without sacrificing functionality. Elegantly crafted from durable black nylon, Italian leather straps and black PVD-coated metal fastenings, this thing is just stunning. The combination German-made, impact-resistant fiber-reinforced BASF plastic, hand-selected Tuscan Italian leather, and polished aluminum Japanese YKK zippers is a perfect storm of durability meets excellence. However, pretty doesn’t always mean functional, but Vocier have got that covered too, because, this just isn’t some run of the mill everyday carry-on from your local Walmart, it doubles as cabin luggage and garment bag in-one.


Vocier’s patented Zero Crease System, is what makes this luggage so unique. Essentially this system works by using the exterior of the luggage as a garment bag, which gently wraps around an interior compartment. You simply hang your suit or other apparel on the provided hangar, pack underwear, shirts and shoes in the compartment, and zip the luggage shut. The interior compartment is ingenuously suspended, so that excessive pressure is prevented from pressing against your suits or dresses. Best of all, if you are not traveling with a suit or garment, the compartment simply slides out freeing up even more space for the essentials.


The C38 also has one more trick up its sleeve, within the telescopic handle of the carry-on is an integrated snap shut document holder that stows securely, out of sight, and out of reach when the telescoping handle is retracted. Therefore, safely concealing your passport and other essentials when they are not needed. This ingenious addition is so perfectly executed, we do wish other companies would take this approach on board.

If this hasn’t sold you, Vocier also offer a very generous 100-day risk free trial with free shipping and even the duties and taxes on delivery will be covered by them. Lastly, all of this is backed by an exceptional lifetime warranty! So, if you are in the market for what could literally be The Best Carry on Ever constructed, then you need to check out the Vocier C38 today because we love it!

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