iPhone Xr Case Round Up

There truly is a lot to like from Apple’s latest smartphone offering – it is reasonably affordable, comes in a range of eye catching colors and features predominantly the same great hardware and software experience as their more expensive brothers. Unfortunately, as with most smartphones in 2018 with their all glass designs, it can be fragile and therefore some level of protection in the form of a case is needed. We have compiled some of the best cases for the new iPhone Xr. Check them out!

Best for Grip – Grip2U BOOST case


As the name would imply the Grip2U case aims to solve one of the most common causes in unexpected cell phone deaths – the drop. The fusion of a soft and forgiving inner layer of TPU with a rugged and protective outer layer of Polycarbonate, but what makes this case special is what they have added to the back.

Each case features an interchangeable and embedded flex band that runs the length of the case. The idea is for the user to slip a few fingers behind the band and essentially secure the phone to your palm. It is very similar in concept to the very popular pop caps many millennials are sticking to their phones/cases.

However, the Boost case, doesn’t require some cheap plastic 3M adhesive addition, it offers a premium and stylish way for you to add grip to your case and simply prevent the drop!

Best Style Case – Decoded Slim Wallet


This classic folio case is not only svelte and very pocketable but envelops the outer and inner of the phone in handmade premium full grain leather. This is the premium folio case Apple never released for the Xr.

Not only does it offer the perfect pairing of style and functionality, it also features space to hold your favorite card, but most importantly, has a magnetic clasp to keep the folio closed securely, something strangely absent from other cases like this in the market.

Best Slim Case – Caudabe Sheath


In the pursuit of minimalist perfection, Caudabe, design cases that combine a sleek, minimalist design with smart functionality.

Splashing on the market with their Veil case a few iPhone generations back, one of their most popular offerings the Sheath, aims to strike the perfect balance between slimness and protection.

With a classic minimalist design that will appeal to many consumers, what makes this case unique is its shock absorption properties thanks to the proprietary Shocklite flexible polymer construction that offers an impressive 6ft of drop protection.

This case impressed us so much, it also is a close second in grip-a-bility with its reassuring matte sandpaper like finish and also of note is their attention to detail, in particular, the areas around the camera hole and flash which are also covered meaning less dust and lint accumulation!

Best All Rounder – Nomad Rugged Case

Reader favorite, Nomad, create minimalist, modern and practical tools for the modern nomad and also happen to make some damn fine iPhone cases too!

The Rugged case for iPhone Xr is built with a high-grade polycarbonate body, bonded to a raised TPE bumper and wrapped in stunning Horween genuine leather that classily ages (patinas) over time and extends over all contours of your phone, safeguarding its vulnerable edges. In fact, the rugged case offers an equally impressive 6ft of drop protection!

There are also very precise cut-outs for the iPhone’s speakers, lightning port, silence switch and camera to give access where you need it, while still protecting your phone’s core components.

If that is not enough, Nomad also ingeniously left the outside unbranded, you will only find their logo on the soft inner lining of the case making it even more unassumingly perfect.

They also offer the rugged case in folio form that offers the same great protection but improves on it by offering ample storage for your essentials, with 3 card slots and 1 cash slot. It also worth noting that both cases, like the others mentioned, are also fully compatible with wireless charging.

What is your favorite? Leave a comment below

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