Gaze Lab Wireless Charging Accessories

As our technology consumption seems to increase by the day, so does our need for power. Most smartphones nowadays have a battery that can get you through an entire day in light to moderate use cases, however, what if you need to lean a little harder on your smartphone battery for your day to day tasks? Well, the team at Gaze Lab, want to keep you powered up, with their line of wireless charging accessories that are perfect for both the car and the office.

With the simple philosophy of providing users with new experiences in the evolving world, Gaze Lab, set out to introduce innovative smart gadgets that can increase an individual’s productivity to better meet the needs of 21st century life. One such product is so innovative, we wondered how we ever got by without it, that product is the GazePad Pro wireless charging mousepad.


Most people, when they are at work, usually have their cellphone within arm’s reach and if you purchased one within the last 2-3 years, chances are it has the capability to be wirelessly charged. Gaze Lab, took one of the most uninspired inventions ever – the mouse pad – and reinvented it to double as a wireless charger for your cellphone. Version 2 of their product brings a unique 3 coil Qi certified wireless charging system and seamlessly blends it with a simple but elegant rectangular shaped mouse pad.


Available in 4 colors – black, grey, brown and blue; the mouse pad is covered in sturdy PU smooth leather and has a non-slip base. On the right side of the pad is the wireless charging coils, while the left is space to maneuver your computer mouse. It is powered by industry standard USB-type C and has a unique type C output to charge/power other devices with. One thing we appreciated about the wireless charging mouse pad was the integration of Quick Charge 2.0 technology that provides up to 15W of output wirelessly but better yet, the pad can determine your devices charging needs and meet them accordingly.


For the real road warriors out there, that need power while on the move, the GazeOn Qi Wireless Car Charger could be a life saver. Unlike traditional car cellphone holders, this one integrates a Qi-certified wireless charging coil delivering an impressive high-speed charge to your device of up to 10w of power. With the ability to mount via vent or suction cup gives this even more versatility while the non-slip dock itself can even work with the chunkiest of cellphone cases.


The most impressive part of the wireless car charger from Gaze Lab must be the autonomous adjustable grip on the device. The Standard dock has a built-in infrared sensor that opens as you approach the dock and automatically locks and holds your smartphone safely into place and then to release, you simply press the one-touch button on the side. This works exceptionally well and never did we fear our device coming loose in this piece of dark magic!

Both products from Gaze Lab reflect how far wireless charging technology has come to best meet the needs of the consumer and promises to keep you powered up and on the go for longer! For those that need to always be connected to be productive, these two offerings are worth the investment.

BUY the mousepad here – GAZEPAD Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mouse Pad Mat for iPhone X iPhone 8 Galaxy S8 S9 Plus Samsung Note 8 9

BUY the car charger here – GAZEON Qi Wireless Car Charger | Fast Charging Automatic Hands-Free Phone Mount Holder for Dashboard/Air Vent for Apple iPhone X/XS/XR/8/8+, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6, Note 9/8/7/FE/5 Android


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