Origaudio Wrapsody Bluetooth Headphones

With the death of the headphone jack on most cellular devices, there has been an ever-increasing wave of early adopters of Bluetooth connected headphones whether it’s for the daily commute, to be used during a workout or just to enjoy your favorite tunes on. The problem is, with so many choices available because of market saturation, it is often difficult to tell the good from the bad with this type of technology. By combining innovative and award-winning products with superior customer service and a simple way of doing things, the team at Origaudio want you to be inspired to try something a little different, perhaps even a little better than those other choices out there with their Wrapsody Bluetooth headphones.

With a philosophy that speaks to the consumer who strives for that perfect balance between quality and value for money, Origaudio, pride themselves on designing products for real people who need the right gear to keep them moving forward—whether they’re commuting to work or conquering the world. Their Wrapsody Bluetooth headphones do indeed make a statement with an original design and powerful audio quality but the magic really begins with the unboxing.


The Wrapsody headphones have officially taken the crown for the best unboxing experience we have ever had with a product for review. The overall package is simply beautiful and quite eye catching with its black and gold accent two tone design. When the outer sleeve packaging is removed you are greeted with an all gold jewelry box design with two pull out tabs. In one is the headphones themselves and the smaller drawer below houses all the accessories including a charging and 3.5mm auxiliary cables plus an equally beautiful carry bag. It is very impressive. The headphones themselves, too, are quite striking with their matte black design, adjustable headband with luxe cushioned padding on the ears offering 85% noise cancellation. The brilliant fold-and-go design means that the headphones themselves have the ability fold completely flat which is very convenient for travel.


What about sound and connectivity you ask? The headphones are equipped with a massive 33ft Bluetooth range which means you can listen in almost every corner of your home with ease. High quality stereo sound is also produced by the inclusion of powerful omnidirectional full range audio drivers which produce a crisp, clear sound that also has exceptional bass. Best yet, there is also an in-built microphone that allows you to take calls handsfree and with 10 plus hours of playtime, you will easily get through a typical work day with power to spare.


After using the Wrapsody headphones for everything from commuting, my early morning workouts and to tune out the droning office sounds, I have been very impressed by their quality build and attention to detail and the sound quality that Origaudio have managed to crank out of these is nothing short of spectacular with deep lows, balanced mid tones and crisp highs, these are a very well rounded set of cans.
With Bluetooth headphones costing in excess of $300, we fail to see the extra value they bring when compared to the Wrapsody headphones by Origaudio and at a very cost-effective price of just over 100 bills, you needn’t look any further. For that reason, we are happy to announce that the Wrapsody Bluetooth Headphones are out One Cut Product of the Month for January 2019.

BUY yours here – Origaudio Wrapsody Bluetooth Headphones – 85% Noise Canceling – True Wireless


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