Synca i-Puffy

Many of us have dreamed of winning the lottery just to have our own personal masseuse on call anywhere, anytime. However, this is not a reality for 99.9% of the world and the stress of everyday life can and will make our bodies ache from time to time. Synca, want to make it easier on those sore muscles with a brilliant portable massage cushion, that you can take anywhere and satisfy that millionaire desire that you have.

The i-Puffy, fulfills the core of Synca’s business model by bringing wellness through Japanese design and engineering and this easy to carry, compact massage pillow is perfect for both the home and the office. The unique ‘dog-bone’ symmetrical design is stylish and modern and is made from natural cotton that is brilliantly soft to the touch while the ergonomic curved design makes this comfortable to use in both the upright and flat positions.


Something we loved about the device is that because of its versatile design, it can be used anywhere on the body your muscles ache, including the most common areas like – neck, shoulders, thigh and even your butt (don’t knock it until you try it). However, the real magic comes in how well this compact pillow can loosen up the old body. The multi-technique double massage heads provide both a circular kneading motion, while the alternating 3D movements provides more penetrating fatigue fighting relief on problem areas. These massage techniques coupled with the pillows own in-built heat therapy really works well to loosen up the end user.

The i-Puffy has been toted around by our team this past few months like a celebrity’s pet chihuahua, accompanying different team members to board meetings, seated desk work and even the rare afternoon nap on the work couch, it is simply great. It has worked very well to provide relief to strained muscles in necks and shoulders from too much busy work and even a sports related calf injury, we won’t go in to right now.


So, for those wanting the comfort of a trained masseuse or just someone looking to make their stressful work life a little more relaxing, the i-Puffy is the perfect companion, it is compact, subtle in design and just feels great!

BUY yours here – Synca Wellness iPuffy Premium 3D Heated Lumbar Massager


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