Product Spotlight: Outdoor Edition January 2019

Once a month at One Cut Reviews, we take a handful of products that have caught our attention recently and will shine a light on them and their merits.

These products are fighting for the attention of the average consumer and can be weird and wonderful, but most importantly, they are great value for money.

Check out our finds for January.

LitraTorch 2.0

Described as” Professional Adventure Lighting”, The LitraTorch 2.0 aims to solve one of the biggest problems for photographers and videographers – suitable lighting.
The waterproof, rugged and compact aluminum design of the LitraTorch is what makes this so impressive. Its tiny 1.5 x 1.5-inch footprint means it is not only perfectly carry-able but can also pump out an illuminating 800 lumens of continuous high-quality lighting.

This is thanks in part to the combination of 16 LEDs with 90+CRI at 5700 daylight temperature, an industry standard for most professionals in this field. It also has an impressive 70º Ultra-wide beam angle and 7 hours of run time. Best of all, it is military spec drop rated and can be used with standard camera mounts and even Go Pro’s!

Matador Adventure Gear

For those seeking adventure in the great outdoors, you can never trust what mother nature may throw at you. As a result, you should never go anywhere without a packable towel and a backpack to carry it in and the folks at Matador have you covered.

With a mission to design the most packable gear possible using only the best materials that are built to last, their pack-away backpack and shower towel are the perfect travel companions.

The Freefly 16-liter backpack is made from brilliant Waterproof 30D Cordura® ripstop nylon with internally sealed seams for some crazy weatherproofing. The non-absorbing shoulder straps are incredibly comfortable and can be weight adjusted for superior comfort on long hikes.

Their Shower towel, too, is super absorbent and quick drying thanks to its nanofibre construction and has an Antimicrobial coating that stops mildew. There is also a brilliantly convenient Snap loop on the towel itself for easy hanging.

The best part of both products, bedsides their versatility, is that they can be folded back up into their convenient travel cases that are no larger than your outstretched palm.

Wazoo Bushcraft Firestarter necklace

As the name would imply, this little fashion accessory not only looks great but can get you out of a tricky spot when fire is essential to your survival.

Inspired by traditional fire making, this modern day “flint and steel” pendant comes complete with an authentic leather necklace with classic mountaineering knot.

To use it, you simply strike the flint pendant against the metal fastener and boom – you just became first man, you made fire all by your very own (well, maybe with a little help).

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