Blitzwolf True Wireless Earbuds

With wireless earbuds being all the rage, it is not hard to be shocked at what some companies will charge for the privilege. Even Apple’s own Airpods can’t be bought for anything less than two bills. So that makes us wonder, what exactly does a top of the line pair of wireless earbuds have over a more budget conscious option? Turns out, not much at all! Retailing at just $59, Blitzwolf’s own – True Wireless Earbuds – seriously give those replacement toothbrush head wannabes’ a run for their money.

With a passion for technology and relentless pursuit of innovation, Blitzwolf have been creating high quality electronic accessories for some time now and while they may not be a household name (yet), if their True Wireless Earbuds are anything to go by, they are poised to become one of the big players in this competitive industry.
Their Bluetooth 5.0 enabled earbuds feature an impressive 33 ft range and are powered by 10mm Titanium Film Drivers that deliver impressive sound quality with balanced mids, crisp highs and powerful low frequencies that are a pleasure to listen to, despite the genre of music. The earhook design also sits snugly in the ear and has an IPX4 water resistant rating, meaning these are perfect for the gym, home and office.


The earbuds, too, come in a unique and pocketable charging box that supports the already impressive 20-hour playback time. We also love how the earbuds snap magnetically into the case and turn themselves on and starts pairing when they are removed. There are also a few other tricks up Blitzwolf’s sleeve with the Truly Wireless Earbuds what they call Monaural Pairing or when you take just one earbud out of the charging box, it will automatically pair and provide mono sound and double as an in-ear headset for taking calls on the go. Lastly, with the addition of their passive noise cancellation technology and touch button control, the user simply must tap the earbud to skip songs, answer calls and even invoke Siri!


Here is the thing with Blitzwolf’s offering, all these features in the True Wireless Earbuds are also available in the more high-end alternatives and guess what? They work just as well here as they do on their competitors. With such a competitive market for wireless Bluetooth accessories, we just cannot recommend you spend more than you need to, when you get the same features and more for a lot less.

So, keep some of that cash in your pocket and check out the True Wireless Earbuds by Blitzwolf, you will be glad that you did!

BUY yours here – Wireless Earbuds, BlitzWolf Latest Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones 20H Playtime HiFi Stereo Sound Mini Portable Charging Case, Built-in Microphone


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